34mm Stainless Steel Alloy Airsoft Scope Protector

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Stainless Steel Alloy scope protector to protect the lens in your zoom scope.  The BB protector is virtually indestructible from plastic BB impact (tested with a 3.2J sniper from 2 feet), and the hexagons are sized so BB's are not able to enter.  

Aside from a slight decrease in light, the protector is invisible when looking down the scope! 

Measure the the inside diameter of your flip up scope protector with a caliper, the listed diameter is the Outer Diameter of the protector, attach between the flip up lens protector and the scope.  This protector requires a lens protector to be secured, alternatively, you can black electrical tape to the front of the scope.  It's recommend to get a protector equal or slightly less than your scope's objective lens' outer housing diameter to ensure it fits inside the flip up lens cap.

22mm to 52mm sizes available!