Stainless Steel Alloy Scope Protectors

Stainless Steel Alloy scope protector to protect the lens in your zoom scope.  The BB protector is virtually indestructible from plastic BB impact (tested with 3.2J snipers from 2 feet), and the hexagons are sized so BB's are not able to enter. 

This item is made to order, current production times are 5-10 business days! Once an order is placed it is automatically sent to the production line and is not able to be changed, please double check color and model before ordering.

The protector is nearly invisible when looking down a zoom scope! 

Measure the the inside diameter of your flip up scope protector with a caliper, the listed diameter is the Outer Diameter of the protector, attach between the flip up lens protector and the scope.  This protector requires a lens protector to be secured, alternatively, you can secure with black electrical tape to the front of the scope.  It's recommend to get a protector equal or slightly less than your scope's objective lens' outer housing diameter to ensure it fits inside the flip up lens cap.

21mm to 52mm sizes available!