Spring Loaded Wolverine MTW Billet Dust Cover

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Spring loaded dust cover to protect your Wolverine MTW Billet Series' engine and electronics from debris and light moisture. The cover is designed to spring CLOSED instead of open, and can be opened to adjust the Hop-up.

Please note: In order to maintain spring integrity open only up to 90 degrees, forcing the cover fully open may weaken the spring and require replacement. Airsoft rifle and attachments not included.

Installed via 3M VHB. Please ensure to thoroughly clean and dry before installing. These are now shipped in 3 business days.



1x Dust Cover

1x Base with 3M VHB pre-installed

1x Spring

1x Dust Cover Pin

1x Alcohol Wipe


Installation Instructions:

1) Thoroughly clean the receiver and ensure there is no oil, water or dirt residue on the area directly under the ejection port opening

2) Test fit and center the cover and both base parts 

3) Peel the pre-installed 3M VHB tape and install the right side base part

4) Insert the pin through the cover and through the spring and right side base, ensure the spring is aligned above the cover, and contacting the receiver underneath the base

5) Peel the pre-installed 3M VHB tape and install the left side base

6) Put a piece of masking tape over the entire assembly top to bottom and let set overnight

7) Enjoy your new spring loaded cover! Please ensure to not open the cover more than 90 degrees (to prevent spring weakening), open to adjust the Hop-Up.