Silverback SRS-A1 Outer Barrel Spacer / Stabilizer

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This outer barrel spacer is press fitted between the outer barrel and handguard to stabilize the outer barrel, removes all wobble.  There is an o-ring slot if you wish to have it ultra tight, this is optional as the fit is very good already without. Adjust using 21-23mm Outer Diameter, 1-2mm thickness O-ring.  SRS-A2 Version available as well.

Tap gently with a rubber mallet for installation the first time.  When removing, insert a paracord through the hole, tie a knot through the rails, one on each side, and pull out, or insert the short end of an allen wrench, turn and pull.

You can also leave the paracord attached on both ends and push the extra length in the rail.

This is for airsoft use only!!