GBLS EPM1 & AEG Adapter

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Drop in adapter to allow use of PTS EPM1's and other normal AEG magazines in the GBLS GDR-15 and GDR-416.

The bolt lock open on empty function will be disabled with this adapter, when empty, change magazines and shoot one shot in a safe direction or cycle bolt one time to reload chamber. 

PTS KWA ERG Adapter in the works, finalizing design and will be available soon. ERG version will retain bolt lock open on empty when used with KWA ERG or PTS ERG magazines!

Installation instructions, approximately installation time 2 minutes:
  • Separate upper and lower
  • Insert into top of the Magwell with the loading lips side towards the front of the gun
  • Will require gently tapping with a rubber mallet the first time
  • Close Upper/Lower and insert EPM1 until magazine locks in place (this will push the adapter up
  • Remove Magazine
  • Use a wide dull tool (back of a regular Philips screwdriver works great) to gently tap and push the adapter all the way up until it is flush in the round grooves of the upper receiver
  • Cycle bolt manually a few times to ensure adapter height is set and BB's are feeding smoothly
  • Test Fire in semi auto for about 50 shots to break in adapter
Notes: Don't overfill EPM1's as the spring tension can cause misfeeds, regular AEG midcaps, hicaps and M4 AEG Drum mags work well. Your GBLS isn't a LMG, excess fire will require more maintenance and repairs.

Disclaimer: Please note, Airsoft Gun, Magazines and accessories pictured not included! We extensively test every part before release and ensure the highest quality. Custom parts are not factory components, use at your own risk, we are not responsible for personal injury, damage to property, damage to airsoft gun, extra wear and tear or maintenance.